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The video directory

The aveditor’s video directory is the directory where the user imports videos. By default, it is locataed under C:\ProgramData\lpreditor\aveditor\VIDEOS.

Aveditor’s directory in the explorer

video directory path in aveditor ini file

If the user wants to import videos under a different directory, he has to modify the section :

videos_dir = C:\ProgramData\lpreditor\aveditor\VIDEOS\

in the aveditor’s ini file.

Above is a snapshot of the [VIDEOS] section in aveditor.ini file

Content of video directory

The video directory contains sub directories which names are, usually (but not necessarily), locations where videos took place.

above, we can see 5 locations to store videos

Each time the user gets a new video, he must copy it in the directory, with the same name of its place. When the user launch the “recognize “import videos files” button in aveditor, the software will scan all the VIDEOS directory to find videos files that were not already processed by the recognition engine.

It will apply ANPR recognition with every video files, that has not yet been processed. This will end up in new records, in the database, witch places field is obtained by the name of the (sub) directory, under videos_dir.

Below, we can see the videos files, associated with the field “location”, that are stored in database

Add new places

the user can add a new place in the database, by just creating a new sub directory in the VIDEOS directory.

Create a new sub dir in the VIDEOS dir

What is the content of places sub directories ?

The recognition process produces a sub directory with the same filename of the video. In this directory, the engine copies the image files of the vehicles it detects.

Vehicles, with their license plates, are stored in the database.

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