System description

We offer for rental a complete parking management assistance system by reading number plates.

Typical use

A manager of large car parks, such as those at train stations or airports, wishes to have an efficient solution to deal with the case of customers of vehicle parking lots, who present themselves at the cash register having lost their parking permit.

The LPReditor PHOTOPARK ASSITANT solution allows you to respond in a simple, efficient and reliable way, within a limited budget which can be very quickly amortized.

Optimized management of “lost tickets” is a source of additional revenue because it allows customers, who claim to have lost their ticket, to be fully billed to avoid paying for a long parking period. It is also a service that will be appreciated by parking users:

  • On the one hand, the customer who is in good faith and who has really lost his ticket appreciates paying an amount corresponding to the actual duration of his parking.
  • On the other hand, a solution based on the “Photopark Assistant” system from LPReditor allows you to find the sector in which a vehicle is parked and allows the cashier to rescue the user who no longer knows where he parked his vehicle.


LPReditor’s “Photopark Assistant” system is based on a database of vehicles present in each sector of each parking lot. This database can be easily queried by cashiers using the management module. Furthermore, the database is updated by a mobile system for automatic registration of license plate numbers.
The “PhotoPark Assistant” application allows a faster survey of vehicles, avoids all manual entry, facilitates the search for parked vehicles (depending on the park and the sector), and also allows the display of a vehicle history and the list of all vehicles present in the park.
System principle

In PhotoPark Assistant, there are two distinct modules:

  • The video acquisition module. It records videos. This is made up of one or two of the two cameras attached to an electric bike.
  • The second module is the one that allows vehicle search, editing
    lost ticket, or finding “sucker” vehicles, which is therefore
    installed on a computer accessible to parking operators.

Operating mode

When an operator goes for a tour, he takes the electric bike. He rolls up to
the place where he wants to start the survey. He activates the video jack of the (or both) cameras then positions it in its housing. If necessary it turns on the additional lighting. Taking video on the way, he walks the paths of the sector, previously demarcated. He stops the video when he walks through the aisles of the area.
Once all the parking lots have been processed, he returns to the control station with the cameras and connects them to a computer which has the PhotoPark Assistant aveditor module. It imports the filmed videos into the respective directories of each sector of the parking lot. Then he chooses the “import video files” function. Operators can then search on recent and valid data.
In summary, the procedure has 3 phases:
· Patrolling an area by electric bike
· Transfer of video data to the search system
· Use of data by operators
It is necessary to update regularly, otherwise the content of the parking lot (from an application point of view) risks no longer reflecting the reality on the ground.


Supplies and services


  • A Windows PC type computer, equipped with a GPU
  • A fat bike type electric bike equipped with additional lighting and specific locations for cameras (positioned on the luggage rack)
  • Two Nikon DSLR cameras
  • A camera lighting control box located on the luggage rack


· Complete documentation of the LPReditor software package for acquiring video sequences and license plate recognition.

· Technical documentation and minutes of installed equipment.
· The complete list and references of installed products.
· Details of electrical and computer connections.


LPReditor will provide training for parking agents responsible for using the system.
LPReditor will provide training for agents responsible for maintaining the
system at the end of the warranty period

Technical assistance

LPReditor will provide telephone and on-site technical support during
the warranty or rental period