My name is Raphael Poulenard and I am developing automatic number plates reading (ANPR) softwares.

As a mathematician, by formation, I have a good understanding of relevant algorithms for this (see my publications in 2006 and 2008).

As a programmer, I entitled myself to use only robust, proved and tested open source libraries. I can maintain and change every line of source code. That’s the reason why my ANPR engine is evolving year after year.

In fact, I have long experience in the development of automatic number plates reading (ANPR) systems :

  • 1999 : first ANPR software
  • 2003 : creation of the LPReditor SARL company
  • 2004 : ANPR solution (cameras + software) for main parking of city of Montpellier (France)
  • 2005 : mobile ANPR solution (cameras + software) for Nice (France) Airport
  • 2006 : the same for Paris Orly (France) Airport
  • 2007 : the same for Marseille (France) Airport
  • 2008 : the same for Lyon (France) Airport

At LPReditor, we always did our best to deliver good quality software.

In the beginning of the 2010’s, we decided to stop the LPReditor SARL company : our customers were satisfied with our solutions, but there were too few. Moreover the founders found better positions.

But I never lost my interest in that technology and kept going test new things on my spare time.

In particular, recent years have seen the advent of deep neural networks. Seeing that this led to more robust results, I decided to get back to business :